gRPC to JSON proxy generator following the gRPC HTTP spec

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  • Generating JSON API handlers
  • Method parameters in request body
  • Method parameters in request path
  • Method parameters in query string
  • Enum fields in path parameter (including repeated enum fields).
  • Mapping streaming APIs to newline-delimited JSON streams
  • Mapping HTTP headers with Grpc-Metadata- prefix to gRPC metadata (prefixed with grpcgateway-)
  • Optionally emitting API definition for OpenAPI.
  • Setting gRPC timeouts through inbound HTTP Grpc-Timeout header.
  • Partial support for gRPC API Configuration files as an alternative to annotation.

Want to support

But not yet.

  • Optionally generating the entrypoint. #8
  • import_path parameter

No plan to support

But patch is welcome.

  • Method parameters in HTTP headers
  • Handling trailer metadata
  • Encoding request/response body in XML
  • True bi-directional streaming. (Probably impossible?)