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Health check

With the gRPC Health Checking Protocol

To use the gRPC health checking protocol you must add the two health checking methods, Watch and Check.

Registering the health server

  1. Add to your imports
  2. Register the health server with grpc_health_v1.RegisterHealthServer(grpcServer, yourService)

Adding the health check methods

  1. Check method
func (s *serviceServer) Check(ctx context.Context, in *health.HealthCheckRequest) (*health.HealthCheckResponse, error) {
	return &health.HealthCheckResponse{Status: health.HealthCheckResponse_SERVING}, nil
  1. Watch method
func (s *serviceServer) Watch(in *health.HealthCheckRequest, _ health.Health_WatchServer) error {
    // Example of how to register both methods but only implement the Check method.
	return status.Error(codes.Unimplemented, "unimplemented")
  1. You can test the functionality with GRPC health probe.