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Generating stubs using protoc

Here’s an example of what a protoc command might look like to generate Go stubs, assuming that you’re at the root of your repository and you have your proto files in a directory called proto:

$ protoc -I ./proto \
   --go_out ./proto --go_opt paths=source_relative \
   --go-grpc_out ./proto --go-grpc_opt paths=source_relative \

We use the go and go-grpc plugins to generate Go types and gRPC service definitions. We’re outputting the generated files relative to the proto folder, and we’re using the paths=source_relative option, which means that the generated files will appear in the same directory as the source .proto file.

This will have generated a *.pb.go and a *_grpc.pb.go file for proto/helloworld/hello_world.proto.