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Generating stubs using buf

Buf is a tool that provides various protobuf utilities such as linting, breaking change detection and generation. Please find installation instructions on

It is configured through a buf.yaml file that should be checked in to the root of your Protobuf file hierarchy. Buf will automatically read this file if present. Configuration can also be provided via the command-line flag --config, which accepts a path to a .json or .yaml file, or direct JSON or YAML data. As opposed to protoc, where all .proto files are manually specified on the command-line, buf operates by recursively discovering all .proto files under configuration and building them.

The following is an example of a valid configuration, and you would put it in the root of your Protobuf file hierarchy, e.g. in proto/buf.yaml relative to the root of your repository.

version: v1

To generate type and gRPC stubs for Go, create the file buf.gen.yaml:

version: v1
  - plugin: go
    out: proto
    opt: paths=source_relative
  - plugin: go-grpc
    out: proto
    opt: paths=source_relative

We use the go and go-grpc plugins to generate Go types and gRPC service definitions. We’re outputting the generated files relative to the proto folder, and we’re using the paths=source_relative option, which means that the generated files will appear in the same directory as the source .proto file.

Then run

$ buf generate

This will have generated a *.pb.go and a *_grpc.pb.go file for each protobuf package in our proto file hierarchy.